Superior T

Men's Health Specialists located in McKinney, TX

Superior T in Frisco, Texas, is a medical facility providing comprehensive men’s sexual health and wellness services. Superior T’s staff offers individualized treatment plans for low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, thyroid problems, and alopecia.

Treatment options include:

  1. Patient education

  2. Medication regulation and management

  3. Care coordination with other healthcare providers

  4. Noninvasive treatment procedures

  5. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

  6. Erectile dysfunction (ED) medication

  7. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) treatment

  8. Hormone replacement therapy

  9. Complete male health and wellness services 

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Superior T
6045 Alma Road, Suite 305
McKinney, TX 75070
Phone: 469-480-6459
Fax: 469-388-1176
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Superior T
6045 Alma Road
Suite 305
McKinney, TX 75070